Controversial citizen ship bill in LOK Sabha
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Controversial citizen ship bill in LOK Sabha

Government and opposition again came face to face as Home Minister Amit Shah presented a controversial citizen ship bill (Citizen Amendment Bill) for non-Muslims in the lower house of the Indian parliament (Lok-Sabha).

According to the bill non-Muslims belonging to the three nebiouring countries will be given Indian citizenship. Hundreds of protesters took to the street in India after this bill came in the parliament. This bill was first introduced in 2016 but was withdrawn after the protests and the non-support of the coalition partners.

According to the bill the minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan which include Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parses and Christian’s would be given Indian citizenship. Home minister Amit Shah said that these minorities were being tormented in these countries.

In the northern state of Assam citizens protested. Student union of the state announced that they will oppose this bill and will continue to protest till the last drop of their blood and will stop this bill. In the state of Gujarat and Assam hundreds of people protested against the government.

This bill based on religious beliefs can spark fire in the secular India, because on one hand the BJP government has looked down Muslims in the Kashmir for more than 4 month and now has also excluded Muslims from this bill.

All of the secular Indians are rejecting this controversial citizen ship bill and are worried about the secular India which was promised by the founding fathers of the country.