decade has ended .
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Decade has Ended ( 2010-2019 )

A decade has ended and now we are entering a new one. This past decade has been a tough one for the country and the nation. The events of this past decade have changed the dynamics of the south Asia, old alliances have changed and new have formed

Roots of democracy have grown stronger in the country. Three times power has been transferred to the civilian democratically elected governments. The terrorism which remained the biggest challenge for the nation since the last two decades was dealt with a firm resolve.

Nation remained resilient and Pakistan defeated the challenge of terrorism which no other country in the world was able to do. Pakistan also entered in a multi-billion dollar deal with China which has the capacity to reshape the south Asian dynamics. This deal which is named CPEC has also attracted other countries to join the project and invest in Pakistan.

This decade has also been fruitful in the regard of Afghanistan as US policy of war has now changed and now US wants to end the two decade long war in Afghanistan which has caused nothing but disasters in the region. Pakistan has to play an important role in this regard.

This decade can also be named as decade of accountability and corruption scandals. In Pakistan the corruption scandals have caused great impact on the political dynamics and scenario of Pakistan. Major political leaders have faced the allegations of corruption.

This new decade which we have entered seems promising for Pakistan as Pakistan has defeated the threat of terrorism and now has strong democratic roots; Pakistan now needs to strengthen its economic system so that the nation can prosper.