Emergency cabinet meeting for Gen Bajwa
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Emergency cabinet meeting for Gen Bajwa

On Tuesday cabinet had an emergency meeting headed by the prime minister himself. The sole purpose of the emergency cabinet meeting was to tackle the newly build situation after the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the extension of General Qamar javaid Bajwa.

On Tuesday, under article 184 section 3 of the constitution of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, chief justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa took up a rejected application challenging the extension of General Qamar Javaid Bajwa’s extension, in public interest as a sou moto notice. Chief justice Asif Saeed Khosa Suspended the notification regarding the extension of General Qamar Javaid bajwa’s Extension as Army chief up till tomorrow hearing.

Supreme Court has notified federal government, ministry of defence and Army chief. Court will hear the case tomorrow. On Tuesday evening cabinet decided to withdraw its old notification and a new summary was prepared.

This summary after the approval from the cabinet was forwarded to the president. Cabinet on this occasion unanimously announced to stand with the army. Cabinet also amended the Army Rules and Regulation section 255 and added the words “extension in tenure”.

After the meeting federal ministers had a press conference in which shafqat mehmood minister for education said that due to the recent security environment of the country Prime Minister decided not to change the army command. He said that an eminent threat is from the eastern border is present. He said that it’s the prerogative of the prime minister to appoint the services chief and Prime Minister has used his constitutional prerogative.

He further said that cabinet has emended the Army Regulation Rule Section 255 to facilitate the honorable Supreme Court.

Chief justice of Pakistan will hear this case today but its interesting that what will happen because government has withdrawn the old notification and has emended the Army Regulation Rule thus the basis on which supreme court was listing the case have change. Now the question is will Supreme Court accept this new amendment? Or will it not accept it?