haltosis or bad smell from mouth
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halitosis or bad breath treatment

in this topic, we will discuss about halitosis or bad breath treatment.

Halitosis is medical name of bad smell from mouth which is mostly common in teen age or when we eat something like chocolates, cheese and baked items and not brush at night or in morning.

Bad breath causes bad surroundings for you and for your loved ones as well.

To solve these issues many individuals, use different toothpaste and mouthwash to get rid of this problem but after two to three hours, problems remain the same as it was before.

Many men or women has only one question that how to remove mouth smell as it increases the lack of confidence whenever you are in friends or family gathering.

bad smell from mouth can happen due to many reason that can be either due to no teeth brush, eating baked item, smoking or drinking and sometime due to infection.

for sure there are many possible medical treatment but what if we say that we have a best home remedy or treatment for bad smell from mouth and you can have bad breath treatment in just seconds by making your own natural medicine at home.


Bad smell from mouth or bad breath treatment


So here we are to resolve this problem of you by telling you some important tips and procedure so that you may use to resolve your bad breath problem permanently.


One glass water

5 longs

2 eliche

5 mint leaves

1/2 spoon honey


what you have to do is to take one glass water, in its mix 5 long, 2 eliche, 5 min leaves and half spoon honey mix it well and leave it for a night.

in morning put all ingredient into a spray bottle and regularly spray it in your mouth after regular morning teeth brush and you will have no bad breath for a whole day.

use it twice if necessary and in a week, you will have no longer bad breath issue we guarantee.