how to get rid of yellow teeth
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how to get rid of yellow teeth

if you smoke or don’t brush at  night or in morning, than for sure you are also among those people who has only two question to ask that is how to get rid of yellow teeth and how to whiten teeth naturally.

well many of us especially regular smoker had only one main problem in common and that is yellow teeth and cavities.

to get rid of this problem we use many things like toothpaste or mouthwash or some time we go to our family dental but all goes in vain.

for sure we all know that yellow teeth may cause lack in confidence, sometimes you also feel ashamed of when smiles in front of your friend family or any audience.

how to get rid of yellow teeth after braces is also a question asked by many boys and girls.Am i right?


But here we are to resolve your problems once and for all, just follow the process and you will have no yellow teeth we guarantee.

this tip has been successfully tried by many people, and result was incredible.

what you have to do is to gather all these ingredients mentioned below which you can easily gather from your kitchen.

see how simple is that. just follow the steps mentioned in the process and get rid of  yellow teeth problem once and for all.


1/2 glass water

1 spoon baking soda

1 lemon

1/4th spoon honey


Take an empty glass fill it with half of water, put one spoon baking soda in it, squeeze out a juice of one lemon in it mix it completely after that put one fourth spoon of honey in it and mix it again.

now put all this mixture into a small spray bottle.

Now Regularly spray 2 to 3 times on your teeth and brush your teeth gently every morning.

your teeth’s will have no yellow stains in maximum a 7 days period of time. we guarantee.

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