how to stop hair fall | how to get rid of dandruff
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How to Stop hair fall | How to Reduce hair fall

Many individuals either male or female having an issue of how to Stop hair fall or how to reduce hair fall as good hairs are considered to be the icon of beauty in both genders.

however nowadays Many boys and girls worried about their hair fall problems and dandruff problems because dandruff are main cause for hair fall as proved by science and technology.

Many girls and boys use different shampoos and conditioner to stop their hair fall but still all goes in vain.


There are many individuals as well who goes for special treatment so that they may grow their hair fast or stop their hair fall but no one gets their desired results.

According to survey, hair fall always happened due to extensive depression or remain in continuous tension as, asked by more than 500 people in different cities.


as in survey many individuals also told us that they want to get rid of dandruff as it is the only cause of hair fall problem.



However, whatever the reason is, you don’t have to worried about it as we have one of the best natural recipes to stop hair fall within a week and you will have a good positive result in hair growth as well.

How to stop hair fall | How to reduce hair fall


Just collect all these ingredients which are easily available in either your kitchen or grocery or cosmetic store.


One Onion

2 spoon aloe vera Gel


So, what you have to do is to peel of the onion, extract the juice from onion or crush it in grinder and add 2 spoon aloe vera Gel and mix it properly.

Remember onion has highest Antioxidants properties which help in hair growth and stops hair fall.

Now after the mixture is ready, apply this mixture just like a normal shampoo and within a week, you will have best results in front of you.


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