Pakistan’s War against terrorism (16th December 2014)
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Pakistan’s War against terrorism (16th December 2014)

16th December always remain a black day for Pakistan since 1971, when Pakistan was divided and Bangladesh was born. In recent times on 16th December 2014 the winds of sorrow again blew as Army Public School in Peshawar was attacked by the “Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan” (TTP) and 132 young souls were brutally killed. 6 terrorist out of which two were Afghans, three were Arab and one was Chechen. This was the biggest loss faced by the nation in the Pakistan’s War against terrorism.

On 16th of December 2014 six terrorist after complete planning attacked the school. They started from the school auditorium in which training for first aid was being carried out. Terrorist knew about this activity and knowingly that large numbers of students are present in the auditorium attacked it first.

Poor souls were surprised and in the effort to run were brutally shoot down. After this the terrorist went, killed the principle of the school and burned a teacher in front of the class. Terrorist specifically targeted the male students from the age group of 8 to 18.

Army Special Services Group (Zarrar Company) carried out the offensive against the terrorist. All the six terrorist were killed and the operation was concluded. According to the figures 132 students died along with 18 school staff members including teachers and principle.

After the attack TLP took the responsibility of the attack. In result of the attack the whole nation came on one page all the political parties and the army devised a National Action Plan. National Action Plan devised a comprehensive approach in which all the major stake holder institutions were given task to bring down the terrorist.

Before the attack there was a political divide on the military operation. But after the attack all the stake holders came on one page and a comprehensive military operation was launched in the North Waziristan. In this operation PAF also participated with the Army. It is believed that in a PAF Air strike Mula Fazal Ullah head of TTP died on 20th December 2014.

21st constitutional amendment was passed and military courts were established to speed up the trail process for the terrorist. All the facilitators of the attack which were arrested by the army were hanged.

That era for Pakistan was surly the darkest era in which there was no hope and it seemed that Pakistan will lose this 5th generation war fare. But due to the unprecedented sacrifices of the nations and the law enforcement agencies Pakistan dealt with this cancer.

There is no other example in the world in which a country whose is pinned down by the external and internal enemies in 5th generation warfare has raised again and has regained its stability and peace. Pakistan’s War Against terrorism is not only fought by the law enforcement agencies alone but by the nation which has even sacrificed its young school going children.

One of the most beautiful days in the history of Pakistan was the day of 12th of January 2015 when the veteran children returned to the school where they lost their friends, siblings and teachers in front of their eyes. Terrorist lost the battle when the young children in their shrill voices announced loudly that they are not afraid.