Police harassment and Reforms in Pakistan
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Police harassment and Reforms in Pakistan


In every country many people talk about Police harassment and reforms especially in Pakistan.

As we all know that the police institution is considered as a security institution in every country, but on the contrary, in our country and everywhere it is not only criticized but also considered as unsafe for local citizens.

Generally, dolphin forces patrolling the streets of Lahore appear to be annoying people in the name of checking and if they are asked about this unnecessary checking, it is said that we have a right under this article or we’ve got the task.

But moral backwardness and under-consideration of a civil servant is not only against the law but also the cause of misconduct.

Instead of reforming the police, Copying Turkey’s move, Shahbaz Sharif created an unnecessary dolphin force, which is like a burden on the state treasury.

We often hear that the system of our country is democratic and the Parliament can pass any law or bill that appears to be part of the Constitution, but the provincial policies seem to be those of the institutions that want to enforce their own laws.

Only the Parliament has the right to legislate, and to maintain the peace of the society, it is imperative that the crime, as serious as it is, be transparently punished according to the judicial proceedings.

The only institutions that are free from politics are the cause of national development. Not being recruited on the merit is the cause of corruption and if someone is on merit, their psychological evaluation is not taken properly.

A constable also tries to use whatever authority he has. This greatly affects the section which is quite gentle. Less educated and mentally ill are often seen in this field.

Good and bad people are everywhere. There are a lot of good people in this department but political interference is making it worse.

The honor of law and court in this department is diminishing and the main reason is incorrect mindset. By meeting every financial need of this department, make them fully compliant to follow the court and the law.

The job of the police is to protect the lives of the people and going further than this will not only create hatred but also discredit the department.

We have to make our country a decent country and it is important that every institution follow the task given by the government.

Measures must be taken to prevent cases of intimidating behavior and injustice.

Along with endurance training, they also need to be mentally prepared. Misuse of powers and having unethical behavior is a serious offense.

Renowned religious scholar Mufti Tariq Masood also mentioned the police’s uncivilized things in his speech.

That’s why it is inappropriate to form a new force instead of police reform.

In this modern age, if citizens’ data is to be verified, it can be done in a modern way even at home.

For this purpose, stopping citizens anywhere or annoying them at their home is like disrupting their honor.

It is hoped that our respected government will make police reforms that will please the people. Police harassment is a disease; hopefully we get rid of it soon.