Scientists charge the electric car battery in just 10 minutes.

Scientists successfully charged Electric car battery in just 10 minutes.

According to a report by scientists at Pennsylvania State University, they charged the lithium-ion battery of an electric car in 10 minutes.


Scientists and Experts have also increased it range from 321 to 482 km. For this, they have resorted to very high temperatures Charging in a short time.


In this way, the battery can be charged at least 2500 times, which can run up to 8 million kilometers, said Zhou-Yang Wang, co-researcher of the study.


In other words, this procedure could soon be adopted by all electric car makers and soon instant charging of electric cars will not be an issue in near future. As scientist believe that electric cars are one of the best step taken to radicalized environmental problems and for clean atmosphere.


There were also problems with charging the battery at such a rapid pace. However, researchers solved this problem of having high temperatures for a short time.  Researchers used self-heating batteries with a thin nickel foil layer to increase the temperature rapidly.


Experts say they overcame all odds and charged the Electric car battery up to 80 percent in 10 minutes.


But according to previous research or myth, that the batteries should not be charged at high temperatures But Wang believes that the benefit of short-term high temperature Charging will overcomes its Odds very quickly.