Secular India jeopardize by the Hindu supremacist agenda
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Secular India jeopardize by the Hindu supremacist agenda

BJP after its electoral win in the elections this year is continuously taking the steps which are changing the face of the secular India. After the forced annexation of the Kashmir the BJP government has now passed a controversial citizen amendment bill. These initiatives clearly indicate that the Secular India is being jeopardized by the Hindu supremacist agenda.


According to this bill the immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who belong to Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism who migrated to India before 2015 will be granted citizenship. This bill has excluded Muslims. The Home Minister Amit Shah says that these countries are those where Muslims are I majority and these minorities are in danger that’s why Muslims have been excluded from this bill.

This bill was first introduced in 2016 but was withdrawn. Through this bill the BJP government is trying to showcase that the minorities from the above mentioned countries are being marginalized and are in danger so to protect them India is giving them nationality.

This bill seems to counter the kartarpur corridor initiative of Pakistan. This bill has been opposed by the Indians themselves and this is also against the Indian Constitution according to which there can be no discrimination on the basis of the religion.

BJP after the consolidation of the forced annexation of Kashmir has gained confidence and will keep on marginalizing the 201 million Muslim population of India.

BJP government also want to malign Pakistan. So the main reason to worry for the world is that the genocidal supremacist agenda often lead to war and 2nd world war is the biggest example. In the present time the scenario is much more dangerous because this part of the world is highly armed and militarized with nuclear capability.

World has remained silent on Kashmir because of the economic interests but this continuous silence on Hindu supremacist agenda might cause Havoc and cause a grave danger for the world.  So the policy of reconcile and compromise should prevail in the subcontinent for a stable and prosperous future.