tooth cavity also known as tooth decay
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Tooth Decay | Best Natural tooth cavity treatment

How to remove tooth cavity also known as tooth decay and its best 100% natural tooth cavity treatment


A Tooth cavity which is also named as tooth decay, is an opening structure in your tooth or in simple words a hole in the tooth.

Cavities start little and step by step becomes greater and bigger when they’re left untreated.

Since numerous tooth cavities don’t cause torment or pain in the first place, it tends to be difficult to understand that an issue exists.

However, Customary dental arrangements can recognize tooth cavity or tooth decay early.

Many of the individuals go through the problem of tooth cavity and its pain either in early age or after the age of 30.

Tooth decay or tooth cavity can often happen in any age irrespective to any gender, even babies can have this problem.

This happen due to eating a decent amount of sweets, chocolates or irregular tooth brushing or smoking eating baked items and sometimes due to age factor.

Its treatment is also painful sometimes or sometime these cavities causes a tooth loss as well.

So many people try a natural treatment before consulting their dentist or go for conventional treatment.

Tooth cavity treatment


But here we are with an excellent natural recipe which has been considered the most effective natural solution to the problem of tooth cavities and tooth decay pain.

So, what you guys have to do is to collect all these ingredients which you can easily collect from your kitchen as well.

Remember this tooth decay treatment has been experimented on numerous people and results in best natural tooth cavity treatment.


1 Chutki Haldi powder

½ spoon baking soda

½ spoon coconut oil

Tooth paste/unflavored

½ spoon honey

3 Tulsi leaves


Now take a regular small bowl, add 1/3rd spoon of haldi, half spoon of baking soda and coconut oil, add 1/3rd amount of unflavored toothpaste, ½ spoon of honey and in the end add 3 tulsi leaves in it and mix or grind it properly so that it become like a paste.

Now apply this paste on your teeth especially on area where cavities are properly visible and brush it two times a day.

You will start feeling the best result within 3 days guaranteed.


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