US Ambassador clarify US stance on CPEC
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US Ambassador clarify US stance on CPEC

US Ambassador to Pakistan Paul W.Jones on Monday commented on the statement of Alice wells regarding CPEC to clarify US stance. He said that Pakistan has the sovereign right to decide for its future regarding CPEC.

Recent statement of Alice wells (in charge of south Asian affairs at US State department) in which she said that the CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR (CPEC) will increase the debt burden of Pakistan. This statement was rejected by both China and Pakistan.

Ambassador talked to the reporters after his visit to masjid wazir khan in Lahore which is currently under restoration under ambassador fund for cultural restoration. US ambassador commented on the statement to clarify US stance. He said that we don’t expect everyone to agree with us or agree with every aspect of her speech.

He further said that Pakistan should understand the statement and should take it positively.

The statement of Alice wells was also rejected by the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing.  Rejecting this statement ambassador said that China will never force Pakistan to pay the debts on time. He said that unlike IMF which is very strict in its payments Beijing will not force Pakistan if it’s in need, to pay the payments on time.

He said that China has always come at assistant to Pakistan at its time of need without any political and government level differences.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi also responded to the latest statement by the US on CPEC and clarified the stance of Pakistan. Foreign Minister said that no statement will have impact on CPEC.