US-Taliban peace Talks likely to resume
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US-Taliban peace Talks likely to resume

It seems that US has again agreed to continue the paused peace talks with Taliban. According to sources US has decided to withdraw 4000 American Troops from Afghanistan in the coming days. As of today almost 13000 American troops are present on the Afghan soil. US-Taliban peace Talks ended in September this year.

According to the defense department this withdrawal of troops will be a unilateral concession to the Taliban who have always stressed the complete withdrawal of the US forces. US-Taliban peace Talks which were ended in September this year after the suicide attack on the US soldiers are likely to resume.

This withdrawal of troops indicates that US want to end this bloody war. Up till now the US troops which were present in the Afghanistan were to train the afghan troops to tackle the Taliban and ISIS on their own. For this purpose US has spent billions of dollars but it’s a fact which is also acknowledged by the Afghan government that the afghan troops are not in a state to defend Afghanistan.

In September there were efforts to arrange a meeting between the US president and Taliban leadership at Camp David but due to the suicide attack US backed off. But after the thanks giving visit of US President Donald Trump it seems that the process will continue.US special representative on Afghan reconciliation Zalmey Khalil Zad has also visited Pakistan last week and has meet with the civil and military leadership.

According to the defense department the remaining US troops will be detailed for the counter terrorism operations in Afghanistan

Withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the end of the bloody war in Afghanistan were the main points of the Trumps manifesto in 2016. So far he has not been able to achieve this but it’s likely that if the process of reconciliation went smoothly a viable political settlement can be achieved in Afghanistan.